I grew up with a pretty eclectic taste in music. Although the productions were wildly different, there were two essentials I was drawn to in a song - Is this artist conveying an honest story in a unique way, and is each instrument or sound I hear a resonating response to this? If so, I'm here for it.

Over the last ten years, I've been the guy tearing up at emotional orchestral scores, thrashing out at the front of punk and post-hardcore shows, quietly reflecting to folk music, and taking road trips listening to the most amped up Pop you can think of. I've also been a guy touring Europe as a critically-acclaimed, self-produced Folk Singer-Songwriter alongside major artists, being a session guitarist for rock bands, and sitting in studios writing and producing for up and coming Pop artists.

I want to help you bring your music to the emotional height it deserves. Let's connect, create something awesome, then connect with others through it.